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Answer for question 4392.

Have you ever cheated on someone you were in a relationship with? Similarly, have you been cheated on and if so, what did you do about it? Could you ever trust someone again if they cheated on you?
I suppose it depends on your definition of cheating, but at my first real college party I got loaded and made out with a guy who wasn't my boyfriend. He left the gnarliest hickey on my neck. And I went home and called my boyfriend (now husband) at the time, and cried because I felt so guilty about it. We'd been together a little over a year when it happened, and that was the only time something like that ever happened.

Except for the time we went to an orgy together. There was that, too.

And now you're all wondering if I'm serious about the last bit or not. Well...I'll never tell. ;)

Fic: If Words Could Make Wishes Come True

Title: If Words Could Make Wishes Come True
Author: doctorxdonna
Rating: Teen, for some strong language
Word Count: 5209 (complete)
Characters: the Metacrisis Doctor, Rose Tyler, Jackie Tyler
Summary: The half-human Doctor reflects on the banality of his existence in Pete's World.
A/N: I tagged this for angst and hurt/comfort, but it probably (okay, definitely) qualifies as whump, so be forewarned. Title taken from the lyrics to Jim Croce's "Time in a Bottle", which is referenced in the fic.

Read it at - AO3 - the Teaspoon

Fic: You've Got a Deal

Title: You've Got a Deal
Author: doctorxdonna
Rating: Teen
Characters/Pairing: 10th Doctor, Donna Noble
Word Count: 3917
Summary: When the Doctor accidentally gets Donna pregnant, she makes him swap bodies with her again. More tropetastic crackfic. #sorrynotsorry
A/N: The sequel to On the Other Side. I intended to include more smut, but it didn't seem to quite fit in the way I wanted it to, so I cut it. Sorry, guys, I know you wanted some sexy body exploration scenes. Maybe in the DVD extra. Not quite sure if this qualifies as baby fic, as there are no actual babies in it.

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Answer for question 4378.

Who is your favorite movie/TV/cartoon character of all time? Why? What is the special significance of that character to you?
I'm sure this will come as a great shock to everyone who knows me, but the answer to this is the Doctor. I actually recently wrote a lengthy blog post that detailed some of why this fandom is so important to me, but in short, I discovered Doctor Who during one of the worst times in my life, and I took great comfort in watching it. It served as a form of escapism when I was living in a place that I loathed and didn't understand. The Doctor will always be important to me because he and the fandom were what got me through my toughest time, and I will never not love him for that.

Answer for question 4376.

Do you believe in the concept of destiny or fate? Why or why not?
This very question was the topic of so many philosophical conversations and lectures during my college and grad school years, and what memories it brings back. The short answer is no, I don't believe in fate or destiny. The why not? That's a bit more complicated.

I am an existentialist. To quote Sartre, "Man is not only that which he conceives himself to be, but that which he wills himself to be, and since he conceives of himself only after he exists, just as he wills himself to be after being thrown into existence, man is nothing other than what he makes of himself. This is the first principle of existentialism."

And that's why I don't believe in destiny or fate. I believe in free will. The only destiny we have is the one we create for ourselves. Man is nothing other than what he makes of himself. The idea of destiny or fate implies that something was always meant to be-that we have no power to change it through our own actions, that the different paths we take in life will not effect the outcome. And I simply don't believe that. Every day, we define our lives with the decisions we make. In almost every situation, we do have some kind of a choice, even if some of them are unsavory. Circumstance is often a consequence of action, cause and effect. If you make bad decisions, bad things usually happen. Existentialism requires us to always be responsible for our own actions, and not to blame other people, gods or devils, or things for the choices we make. Sometimes, there are things we can't change-our genetics, for example. The family we are born into. The country we are born in. The color of our skin. The actions of other people. That's facticity-the things that can't be changed, that we truly do have no choice over. But we still have the freedom to choose how we react to the cards we have been dealt. Don't wait for life to dump opportunity in your lap-go out and find it, and if you can't find it, make it from scratch. It's sort of like finding a job-if you want one, you have to seek it out, you have to be active, you have to pursue it, you have to put yourself out there. You are very unlikely to find a job by simply waiting for others to offer you one. Sometimes, it's like happiness. We can't wait for other people to make us happy-we have to look inwards and find ways to do it ourselves. It's okay to rejoice in other people, but don't rely on them to be your only source of fulfillment.

Maggie Sibley said in Six Feet Under, "I know that if you think life's a vending machine where you put in virtue and take out happiness then you're going to be disappointed."

Meaning, we should be should be good people for the sake of goodness, for the sake of being a decent human being. Not because we expect to get something out of it. Do a favor because it's a nice thing to do, not because you expect it to be paid back. Do good to be a good person, not because a book tells you to, or because you expect to be rewarded in the afterlife. There is no guarantee of anything, past today, so live in the moment.

Fic: The Most Extraordinary Thing

Title: The Most Extraordinary Thing
Author: doctorxdonna
Fandoms: Doctor Who, Broadchurch
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 5749 (complete)
Characters/Pairing: Rose Tyler, 10th Doctor, Alec Hardy
Summary: One day, the impossible happens and the TARDIS lands in Rose and Alec Hardy's back garden. Takes place after And They Lived Happily Ever After and Lullabye.

Read it at or AO3.

Answer for question 4374.

What is your favorite Classic Disney film and why?
Always Beauty and the Beast. I identified with Belle, because she was a bookworm who wanted to travel and see the world outside of where she grew up.

Also, this:

Exterminate Hate

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I really hate this picture, and I’m going to tell you why. It’s because this fandom has brought me great joy over the years. I’ve connected with people who I otherwise never would have known. I spread the word of the Doctor like it was my own personal gospel, and I honestly feel that my life is a happier, better thing, for having Doctor Who and Whovians in it. But I hate this picture. Because to me, it is the epitome of what is wrong with our fandom. This image smacks of elitism, pure and simple.
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Fic: Not Just a Rebound

Title: Not Just a Rebound
Author: doctorxdonna
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 3109 (complete)
Characters/Pairing: 10th Doctor, Donna Noble
Summary: Doctor/Donna art school AU. John Smith is an art student, and Donna is a model in his Life Drawing class.
A/N: I stayed up all night writing this. It's 6:16 in the morning, and I have work at 12pm. I'm going to die. So I hope my blood, sweat, and tears were worth it and you all enjoy. Wrote this as a one-shot, inspired by otp--prompt's on tumblr, prompt "Person A takes an art class and is surprised to see that Person B is the nude model during the anatomy study."

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Fic: On the Other Side

Title: On the Other Side
Author: doctorxdonna
Rating: Adult
Characters/Pairing: 10th Doctor, Donna Noble
Word Count: 3697 (complete)
Summary: The obligatory body swap scenario. Donna and the Doctor unwittingly take part in a ritual on Athena Minor, leading to them waking up as each other. And of course, there is only one solution to get them back into their own bodies. Pure, unapologetic crack fic.
A/N: Here a trope, there a trope, everywhere a trope trope. I had a bit of trouble with the pronouns in this piece. I hope it is understandable. A one-shot that doesn't take place in the same universe as the rest of my Doctor/Donna stories. Inspired by dwprompts on tumblr, prompt "The Doctor and his companion wake up one day and realized they somehow switched bodies".

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